Jin Holic

Half breed Oni, Judgment Guild member, Expert Hunter.


Race: Half Human half Oni.

Title: Hunter, Mercenary.
Affiliations: Judgement Guild leader.

Black hair.
Blue eyes.
Two horns on his head.
Armor: Cloth/leather. Hooded jacket.
Weapons: knuckles and gauntlets. Banishing Fists: Spirit weapons that can slay evil with a touch.

Style: Assassin’s Fist.“The art of killing” Majin flames.


1.)Devils Barrage.
2.)Oni magic.
3.)Assassin’s fist.
4.)Big Wave.
5.)Majin Take over.


Jin comes from a family of warriors that have bred with the Oni, (Oni – 1.A magical race of demons, that have ruled over the demonic world for centuries. 2.They have kept order by keeping the balance of darkness and light.)this has given them their blood and have gained their magic. In exchange they now act as medium between the humes and the demons. For years they have hunted down and banished evil. They even have killed those who stood for justice in order to keep balance.

Jin was banished from the village after he killed his older brother during a demon hunt. Jin left the continent and moved to the western part of the world, where he joined the guild Judgment.
After 5 yrs Jin became the new guild master, after the previous master judge Jin as a worthy successor.

Jin Holic

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